Friday, December 17, 2010

tomorrow is the day . :O

okay , tomorrow , i have to dance infront of uncountable people . with juliah , alexandra and alyssa . i'd practise alot but , sometimes , i had a problem with mezmorizing the steps if i get too nervous ! but , i cant wait . no more shyness , im sick now , my throat are soar !! erm , wish me luck . haha

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

my names for dec15 !

yesterday , i went to juliah's house , then practise the jingle bell rock dance step . afterward , we go to the field/playground (it does look like playground to me xD ) . hahahaha , then theres a guy . who is i dont even know him , asked me my number . but first he asked my name , i said demi , then he said 'ooo nami' there , me alyssa , alex and juliah starting to laugh out loud , then i asked him again 'whats my name' then he said 'nanmi' . xD , then juliah said ' noooo , its naomi' . haha . then theres another names that juliah had list into my notes , deemi and syarifah . hahaha , because of wallace like syarifah , then we pretend that syarifah is my sister so next time wallace go to my place , he can meet syarifah , haha . then i ate my dinner which is very delicious ! i lovee lamb and chicken <3 ,thats all , i had sooooo much fun at juliah's crib yesterday :)
thanks to auntie jenifer for the dinner :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Is Back !

yayy ! back to blog , gonna tell my real life-story every second , what will happen , what i've done , what makes me happy,sad,cry and everything ,Gosh ! im excited :p
p/s : im awesome !